Monday, 21 July 2014

Black is Beautiful - A wishlist of 5 things black

Navy Blue might be the new black or Orange might be the new black but Black will always be black, the color of mystery, power, beauty and charm. To write a wishlist of five black things I want is a very very tough thing to do considering most of the things I love are in black but will still give it a shot. Here goes my wishlist.

1. Batman's Batmobile - Yes yes I know the character is fictional and so is the car but what a beauty it is! I could practically rule the world if I had that car. Warner Bros, are you listening?

2. Black Roses - I want to have a garden of black roses. I find them so beautiful, mystical and alluring and I've actually asked quite a few flower shops in my city if I could get a plant but no one has them. Can anyone help?

3. Black Diamond - Now this would be the daddy of all rocks! Have seen these only in pictures and been obsessed with getting one for myself. The price tag is a deterrent so I would gladly accept one as a gift :D.

4. Jet Black Hair - I used to have this before I started coloring my hair and working night shifts. Jet black has been replaced with dark brown and quite a few greys and I so want my old hair back! I just want to wake up one day in the morning, look into the mirror and see myself with flowing jet black tresses. Sigh!

5. A Black Stallion - The most handsome animal and I want one. And yes, I love the book Black Beauty :D

I could go on and on but I'm gonna stop only at these five. What are the 5 black things you desire? Do share in the comments below.

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