Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Avon Ultra Glimmersticks Lip Liner Deep Plum - Review, Swatches

Avon recently launched the Ultra Glimmersticks Lip Liners and they very kindly sent me the shade Deep Plum to try out. The Ultra Glimmerstick Lip Liners are made with the new Avon True Color Technology that contains innovative self-renewing pigments that release rich color to look sensational. Read on to know my thoughts on this new product.

The Avon Ultra Glimmerstick lip liners claim to:
  • Contain Vitamin E
  • Define lips without smudging
  • Make lips look voluptuous
  • Prevent lipstick from feathering
  • Outline and redefine lips
  • Be longlasting and waterproof 
I really like the fact that these lip liners are retractable and you don't need to sharpen them. The tip of the liner is narrow and pointed which makes it very easy to draw a precise line around the lips. The shade that I got is Deep Plum, a dark purple plum shade which is quite gorgeous. Under direct sunlight, the shade looks a dark wine but under normal light, the purple undertones are much more obvious.

I never just line my lips and fill them with lipstick because what happens is that the lipstick fades away and the line stays which just looks ugly! I always fill in my lips with liner first and then apply the lipstick. This not only gives a good shape but also ensures that the lipstick stays on a lot longer. When applying the Ultra Glimmersticks Lip Liner please keep this tip in mind because these liners really last or always pair it with long lasting lipsticks. If you don't follow it, see what happens after a few hours!

Deep Plum under direct sunlight

While I like that the lip liner stays for a long time, applying it all over the lips is a real battle. It is just so dry and applies unevenly! You have to tug and pull to cover the entire lips and because the finish is matte, within seconds you will feel as if all moisture is sucked out of your lips. The first time I used it without a lip balm and the effect was terrible. My lips looked so dry and all the lines and cracks became ten times more prominent. Next time I applied the liner on top of a balm and it looked and felt much better! In the picture below, I have worn it without a balm and you can see how dry my lips look.

Do I like the new Avon Ultra Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Deep Plum? Well, yes and no. Yes because it's a really nice color, very well pigmented, lasts for nearly 6-7 hours, gives a nice shape to the lips and prevents lipstick from feathering. No because of its super drying formula that makes application a pain. If longevity and pigmentation is what you are looking for and dryness is not an issue, I would definitely recommend these lip liners. If you have very dry lips, stay away!

The Ultra Glimmersticks Lip Liners are available in four other shades and priced at Rs 349. This month they are available for Rs 229. Contact Avon representatives if you want them.

Have you tried the new Avon Ultra Glimmersticks Lip Liners? What is your favorite Avon product? Do share in the comments below.

P.S - PR Sample. Honest review. 

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