Saturday, 23 November 2013

Kaya Youth Fill Therapy Facial - My experience

I have always had wonderful experiences at the Kaya skin clinic and this time was no different when I went to try the new Youth Fill therapy facial at their Salt Lake City Centre 1 outlet.

Kaya Skin Clinic, Salt Lake City Centre 1, Kolkata

Here's a brief about the facial.

"An intensive anti-ageing facial that helps correct the signs of ageing and protects your skin against the damaging effects of time.

A deep cleansing and exfoliating process using Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells to refresh and smoothen the skin’s surface. A micro-circulatory massage is performed with youth renewing Argan Oil, derived from Argan tree, one of the oldest and rarest plant species in the world. Argan Oil deeply nourishes skin, increases cell turnover and provides anti-oxidant benefits.

Our unique marine-origin wrinkle-filling concentrate and sea-weed based Re-hydrating mask works its magic on your skin. It helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen making it look smooth and tightened".

None of us are getting younger so when Kaya graciously offered me to try this facial I was quite interested to see the results on me. Another factor that upped my interest level was the massage bit with argan oil. My skin is in a pretty bad shape right now and I really needed something to restore moisture and hydration and what's better than argan oil to do it? 

What I like about the Kaya City Centre outlet is that the staff is really friendly and helpful. When I went there, I was first offered the signature Kaya cool drink that I absolutely love and then Esha, the clinic manager explained to me about the therapy. After a few minutes of waiting at the reception, I was then taken to the therapy room where Soma, my therapist for the day again briefly spoke about the entire process and the various steps involved. 

The Experience:

1. The service began with Microdermabrasion that helps to reverse damage to the skin. Through a tiny nozzle, crystals are poured onto the skin to gently exfoliate its uppermost superficial dead layers, stimulating cell and collagen production, making it look younger and firmer. I had a pretty big pimple on my face and I asked the therapist if the treatment would aggravate the skin and lead to breakouts but she assured that it would do nothing of that sort. She also took care to avoid the area where the pimple was during exfoliation.
2. Next, Soma applied Ntox, an anti-oxidant and also cleansed my face and nose of any blackheads and whiteheads. 
3. After cleaning the face, she then applied gold leaf on the cheeks and forehead and kept it on for about five minutes. The gold leaf adds to the anti-ageing and brightening effect.
4. Next was the massage with argan oil and the gold leaf and that was by far the best part of the treatment. The oil smelt lovely and Soma has such wonderful hands! The massage went on for about 15 mins and I had actually fallen asleep during that time. 
5. After the massage, a very thick re-hydrating mask was applied on the face and left on for around 15 mins till it got dry. Once dry, the mask took on a rubber-like consistency and Soma just peeled it off the face.
6. Next, was the application of a facial serum followed by sunscreen. I was also advised by Soma to only clean my face with cold water, not apply any chemicals, and not do any parlor activity for the next three days. 

With the gold leaf on my face!
The Verdict

I loved the facial and I could see the results on my face immediately. My skin looked plumped up and it felt fresh, hydrated and really soft and smooth to touch. In the evening after i got back home, there was a bit of redness on the cheeks but that went away in the next 3-4 hours and there was no discomfort at all. The microdermabrasion and the massage with the argan oil really helped and the dry patches on my face have thankfully disappeared. It's been two days since I availed the service and the effects are still visible. One session is definitely not enough to get red of fine lines and make me look younger but it has definitely helped my dull, tanned, dry skin after that one session. This stuff is good!

The only con is the price. With the gold leaf, the facial is priced at Rs 4500 and without, Rs 3500. It is pretty expensive but then so are the ingredients that are used. Kaya has offers and various packages available so do get in touch with them to get a good deal.

Disclaimer - Complimentary service provided to me by the brand. My review is as always, honest and unbiased. 
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