Sunday, 27 October 2013

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick Fixed on Drama - Review, Swatch

The MAC Retro Mattes have taken the blogging world by storm and most of the shades have already been reviewed .Today I'm talking about one shade that has not really gathered a lot of attention and that is the very dramatic, Fixed on Drama.

Most of the shades in the Retro Matte collection will be added to the permanent line but Fixed on Drama is a limited edition. I am a big fan of dark and vampy colors so was instantly attracted to this rich brownish wine shade when I first saw the pictures. It's a color that is dark and mysterious and perfect for fall/winter. I will not recommend the shade to very young women but if you are in your late twenties and above and  have medium to dark complexion, you have to check it out. To add a killer punch, pair it with smokey eyes and the result is mind blowing. If you want to go light, wear it with only a winged liner and light makeup on the face and you will look super.

The color is a mix of plum, burgundy and brown in a super matte finish. Fixed on Drama is not as smooth as the other retro mattes though and the texture is quite stiff. The lipstick tends to tug and pull while applying and therefore you don't get a smooth finish. The best way is to use a lip brush first and then layer on the lipstick for better coverage. The color payoff is good and it does look a little lighter on the lips than it does in the tube. Since this is a very dark color, it's very important to exfoliate lips and apply a balm before putting on the lipstick else it will emphasize the chapped areas and look terrible. Fixed on Drama lasts for about five hours on me and leaves a light stain behind. The only problem is that it fades unevenly so you have the outer rim intact while the middle is all gone. And I hate that!

Fixed on Drama is definitely not the best shade in the collection in terms of texture. It's drier and stiffer than the others and you do need to put in some effort to make it look good. The color however i love so I'm willing to put in that extra effort. If you want to go for dark lips this season and don't mind a super matte finish and stiff texture, do try Fixed on Drama. It looks great! Price is the usual Rs 990. 

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Have you bought any Retro Matte? Which is your favorite?

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