Tuesday, 9 July 2013


At the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Select CITYWALK store, consumers have the freedom to design their own shopping experience.  She can gather with others at the artistry table to exchange tips and ideas, she can watch a video of Bobbi’s seasonal inspirations and how-to’s, or she can choose from a menu of specialized services. This store will also offer exclusive, limited edition products on a seasonal basis. A visit to the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics store provides the women of India with the ultimate immersion into the brand’s culture.

The Services
“We empower women with the knowledge and products they need to look and feel their best.”
- Bobbi Brown

Bobbi’s professional artists teach women to be their own beauty experts by offering “makeup lessons not makeovers,” Trained in Bobbi’s unique teaching-base approach to beauty, each artist considers a woman’s personal style, lifestyle and preferences in order to create a totally customized experience. Every makeup lesson concludes with the creation of a personalized face chart to help women recreate the look at home.

The menu of complementary services offered at the Select CITYWALK store includes:

·          Smokey Eyes: This service teaches women Bobbi’s simplified approach to creating the ultimate smokey eye look- from a rich bold smokey eye to a natural smokey eye. 5 minutes.

·          Long-Wear Eye Makeup: Modern day women want to know how to make her makeup last all-day long. This service teaches women how to create a long-wear eye look that will last from coffee to cocktails, using Bobbi’s innovative formulas and signature application tips. 10 minutes.

·          Anti Fatigue Eyes: Tired of looking tired? This service offers consumers a quick lesson on how to brighten up her eyes, using iconic products and signature application tips. 10 minutes.

·          Find your perfect lipstick and blush shade: This service shows women how easy it is to freshen up her look with a touch of color on cheeks and lips. 10 minutes.

·          Secret to Perfect Skin: This service teaches women how to improve the appearance of their skin by learning to become her own skincare expert. From skincare to foundation, our professional makeup artists will show consumers Bobbi’s secret to healthy, flawless, glowing skin year round. 20 minutes.

·          Special Occasion Makeup: “Our makeup artists will teach women how to achieve a flawless makeup application that's perfect for any special event or big night out.” 30 minutes.

The Design
“I believe in keeping things simple, real and approachable.” – Bobbi Brown

Bobbi’s clean and modern aesthetic is reflected in the store’s architectural details like industrial steel cabinetry, vintage-inspired wood and chrome chairs and Carrara marble, while illuminated vanity mirrors mimic natural light, giving the space a chic SoHo loft feel. The streamlined interior is open and inviting, making the space easy to navigate while keeping with the classic aesthetic of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics stores worldwide.

·          Communal Artistry Table: At the heart and center of the store, this table invites consumers shopping alone, as well as larger groups to test products on their own or enjoy on-the-spot makeup lessons from our makeup artists. 

·          Skincare Apothecary: A flawless makeup application begins with smooth, healthy, glowing skin. This apothecary-inspired counter introduces consumers to Bobbi’s highly-effective skincare range, which is designed to work with makeup and provides a variety of options suited for all skin types. They can test products on their own or have a makeup artist help identify the right formulas based on their skincare needs.

·          Bobbi’s Best Sellers: This visual display shares Bobbi’s Top 10 products to help women look and feel their best. From flawless skin to standout eyes, the wall features everything a consumer needs to take her look from Pretty to Pretty Powerful. 

·          Foundation Kiosk: Bobbi believes that skin should look like skin – not makeup. This educational fixture introduces consumers to Bobbi’s House of Foundation, featuring a wide range of skin tone correct foundation formulas, for all skin tones and types. Special integrated lighting on the fixture enables customers to find their perfect skin tone correct shade. Consumers can test products on their own or have a makeup artist help her find the right foundation for a flawless, natural makeup look.

·          Eye Kiosk: This double-sided fixture invites consumers to discover Bobbi’s exclusive tips and techniques for creating the perfect brow, and the ultimate smokey eye. Featuring step-by-step application instructions, consumers can test products on their own or enjoy on-the-spot lessons from a makeup artist.

Open on all days of the week from 10am – 9pm, the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics store will be  located at G13 B, Select CITYWALK, District Center Saket, New Delhi – 110 017.
Telephone no: 011-41018275
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