Monday, 24 June 2013

Deborah Milano 2 in 1 Long Lasting Eyeshadow with Primer no 1 - Review, Swatch

Deborah Milano has never been a brand that I've paid much attention to. Everytime when I go to Shoppers Stop in South City mall, I always go to their counter to check out what's on offer but somehow never buy anything. Couple of weeks back when I went, my eyes caught sight of a little basket full of eye shadows in very pretty and striking colors. The SA said that these had just launched and they are eye shadow + primer packed in one product. That got me very interested and I picked up a pretty beige/champagne color in No 1. Sadly this has no name so I'll need to refer to it as No 1.

This is what Deborah Milano has to say about the product -

Enriched with natural waxes and silicone derivatives that impart incomparable creaminess, the colour is dazzlingly deep and lasting, and simply refuses to crease or fade for up to an amazing 10 hours*. Spherical powder particles lend a silky soft feel and ensure that the shadow blends in easily and comfortably. Illuminating pears are an added bonus for a touch of spectacular radiance.

*Water resistant.

Packaging - Comes in a cute glass pot with a dome shaped lid. I like that these are not bulky and heavy like the Maybelline color tattoos. 

Color - I got No 1 because I wanted a light color that I can wear as a base or even on its own. This shade is perfect for everyday wear and for office as a stand alone lid color. As a base, I like it because it has subtle shimmer which peeks through when another shadow is layered on top of it. 

Fragrance - Yes! Never thought I'd actually talk about the fragrance of an eye shadow but this does have one and it's pretty strong. I don't like strong smelling makeup so that's a thumbs down from me. The smell is slightly floral but it's very artificial. Absolutely not needed!

Texture - Very creamy and I really like that. My biggest gripe with the Maybelline color tattoos is that they turn hard really fast which makes the application patchy. No 1 is soft, smooth and light which makes application and blending very easy. The shimmer also does not feel gritty. Because of the texture it takes a while to dry up on the lids but once dry, sets in to a matte finish and does not budge for a long time. 

Pigmentation - Pretty decent. Won't really say that it's packed with pigments and you will need a little bit to cover pigmented lids. As a base, you will need to apply about twice and as an all over lid color, about three times to get that lovely champagne color to show up properly on the lids.

Wear Time - Even though Deborah claims that it lasts for an amazing 10+ hours, it does not. But the staying power is not bad either. Lasts on me for about 7-8 hours without creasing, smudging or fading.

Overall Thoughts - 

I really like the texture of this eye shadow and also the beautiful shimmery neutral color. Would have liked it to be more pigmented but I can manage with extra layering. I also like that these last for a decent amount of time without smudging and fading. There is a dearth of good cream eye shadows in the market in the budget makeup category and with Maybelline color tattoos not adding more shades to their line up, you can check this range out. At Rs 450, the price is slightly more but its not a bad thing to have. Maybe not a 'must have' but a 'not bad to have'!

Have you tried the Deborah Milano 2 in 1 Long Lasting Eyeshadows?

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