Monday, 13 May 2013

Weekend Haul

Yes I did it again! I hauled me some Rimmel and MAC. From Rimmel, I actually wanted only one Kate Moss lipstick but then thought why not add a couple of nail polishes to the kitty as well. Super impressed by though. They delivered my stuff in less than two days time! Now if only they add more products and restock them regularly. Get so mad looking at the Out of Stock message when I want something real bad. 

MAC recently launched the Apres Chic collection across stores in India. What I found strange about the collection is that even though this is a spring 2013 collection the colors are all so fall/winter. There are browns and nudes aplenty which are definitely not traditional summer colors. Hardly makes any difference to me since I do not go by seasons when it comes to makeup. I just wear what I like and also depends on what clothes I'm wearing that day. From this collection, I picked up a lipstick in the shade Hot Chocolate and the mineralise skin finish in Stereo Rose, a product that everyone went ga ga over when it was launched a couple of years back. From Inglot, I picked up two eye shadows from their Freedom System collection at 30% off. Unfortunately, the Kolkata store did not have many options to choose from so I settled for a shimmery olive and a nude shade.

Take a look at the pictures. Reviews coming up.

Left to Right - Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 19, MAC Hot Chocolate

What did you like the most?

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