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My Current Skincare Regime with Oilcraft Naturals Products

In terms of taking care of my skin, I admit that I'm really lazy. Neither is my regime very elaborate nor do I use a ton of expensive products. Just a basic cleanser, moisturiser, scrub, toner (when I remember to use it!) and a face pack once a while. For about a month now, I've been following more or less the same regime but with a host of new products from Oilcraft Naturals, a company founded in 2009 to bring premium quality skin and hair care products to everybody who genuinely cared about a non-chemical route to beauty and wellness. The products have impressed me no end and the effect on my skin has been so good that I just had to share my experience with all of you.

About Oilcraft Naturals:

Oilcraft Naturals is crafted out of long standing Indian traditions of perfume making and marrying it to modern technology to deliver outstanding results. It was a natural culmination of a 110 year old family business out of Kannauj in UP and Kolkata and was established to serve as the wellness arm of a perfumery chain of companies. The company has a range of products in Body Care, Hair Care, Facial Mists, Facial Care, Essential Oils, Soaps and Zodiac Blends. And they are also one of the production units for Kama Ayurveda and Forest Essentials!

The Products and My Regime:

1. Premium Rose Water - This works as an astringent, toner and cleanser. The packaging is very simple - a transparent plastic bottle with a spray mechanism on top. As a cleanser, its very mild and will not take off all the dirt and grime but as a toner and a light moisturiser, this is excellent. The smell of roses is so refreshing and there is nothing artificial about it. As a cleanser, I spray the rose water on my face, and wipe it off with cotton. As a toner, mist and moisturiser I just spray it onto my face and lightly rub it in till it gets absorbed. What's wonderful about the mist is that there is no greasy feeling on the skin and the water gets absorbed fully. The price is Rs 350 and you get 200 ml of the product which is pretty good. I've lost count of how many times, I spray this on my face in a day. Love the delicate fragrance and how refreshing it feels. Perfect for the hot summer months!

2. Saundarya Rose, Chamomille and Honey Face & Body Gel Scrub - This is a mild face and body scrub which is packed with all great ingredients. Again, the packaging is really simple and not that great too look at. It's a tub, which I'm not too fond of because its unhygienic and really painful while travelling. The product however makes up for the not so good packaging. It contains honey, glycerine, almond oil, aloevera, chamomille oil, rose essential oil, apricot and walnut granules. It's a gel scrub and is mild enough to be used everyday. I however use it twice or thrice a week to get rid of dead cells. Out of all the ingredients, the smell of roses and honey is the strongest. I use it on my face rather than the body coz I feel that for the body, its too mild. The scrub cleanses very well and does not dry out the skin at all. I have normal - dry skin and I have not felt the need to apply a moisturizer immediately. This is good enough to be used on all skin tones. The price is Rs 400 for 100 gms which is slightly on the higher side but then you will only need a small amount and this will last a pretty long time.

3. Jojoba Anti-Ageing Serum - Because of my work hours and stress filled lifestyle, the lines and wrinkles have made an appearance much faster than I would have liked them too and also the fact that I'm not getting any younger makes an anti-ageing product a must in my skincare regime. The jojoba serum is again packed with nature's goodness. It contains jojoba essential oil, vit E, plant collagen, tulsi, ashwagandha, green tea, litchi and fig extracts. I use this at night after cleansing my face and applying the rose water. This is packed in a glass bottle with a glass stopper inside, very similar in looks to the homeopathic medicines in bottles. Again, not safe for travelling at all because this might fall and break. I take 3-4 drops of the serum and massage into my face at night before going to sleep. Even though this is in an oil form, its not greasy and absorbs really fast. The serum claims to combat pigmentation, fine lines, age spots, tanning, dryness and dullness. I definitely have seen an improvement in my skin ever since I started using the serum. Looks brighter, clearer and there's less pigmentation.For those with super oily skin, the serum might not be a good idea but for those with normal-dry skin looking for an anti-ageing boost, do give this a shot. The price is Rs 500 for 15ml.

4. Laavanya Anti-wrinkle De-tanning Collagen Face and Body Mask - This is another anti-ageing product and is perfect for dry, sensitive and mature skin. I use this mask once a week to nourish and tighten the skin. It contains the goodness of basil, green apple, collagen, sandalwood, fullers earth, fenugreek, neem, rose, aloevera and lots of other good stuff. This is a clay mask and I apply it to my face and hands, wait for 20 mins and wash off with water. If you have very dry skin, milk is also a good option to wash it off with. This mask again smells strongly of rose and thankfully dries off very fast. Since it's clay based, can get a bit dry so I mix in a bit of rose water and then apply to my face. After washing off, my skin is fresh, clean and super smooth. The price is Rs 400 for 125 gms.

This is the regime I was following before I went to Delhi and I've started on it after coming back as well. Delhi and Agra have given me a very bad suntan and terribly dry skin but the products are starting to show good effect again. Not that my skin is back to being what it was earlier but I can see the tan getting lighter. I'm really pleased with these products and would definitely recommend. If I had to choose two of my absolute favorites, they would be the rose water and the jojoba serum. You have to try these!

For more information on Oilcraft Naturals and to buy the products,click here.

P.S - Products sent by brand. Review is 100% mine

Have you tried Oilcraft Naturals products? What's your current skincare regime?

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