Thursday, 28 March 2013

Simple Everyday Neutral Eye Makeup Look - Tutorial

Hiya Pretties, hope you all had a wonderful and very colorful Holi. If you've had an overdose of colors, then  this post is for you coz it's all about going neutral/nude. This is my first ever eye makeup tutorial (well kinda) on the blog so pleaseee be kind. It's not that great but I just wanted to show you how I do up my eyes for office nowadays specially when I just about have 10 mins to finish my entire makeup.

This look is extremely simple and can be done by anyone. I know a lot of people who get super confused while dealing with plenty of colors on the eyes. One color on the lids, one on the crease, outer v, inner corner etc etc. No doubt a mix of colors look fantastic but you also need to practice in order to get everything right. This, you can probably even do blindfolded and the overall effect is really neat and polished. Your most important tool for this look is a good blending/fluffy brush. I'm using the MUA Undress Me Too Palette because this is a neutral eye look but you can use anything as long as you get the blending right. All you need are two colors - a light and a dark one.

List of Products Used:

1. Kryolan TV Paint Stick - used as base
2. MUA Undress Me Too Palette - using the colors Fiery (highlighted in red) and Obsessed (highlighted in blue)
3. Coastal Scents Fluffy brush - from the 22 pc brush set
4. Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliner pencil - for the waterline
5. Maybelline Hyer Sharp Liner (forgot to include in the pic!)
6. Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara

Here are the steps:

1. Apply the TV Paint Stick all over lids. This works great for me as a base but you can use any eye primer/paint pot/concealer.
2. Apply the lighter shade all over the lids till the crease using a fluffy brush. In this look, I've used Fiery, a metallic copper shade
3. Take the darker shade and lightly outline your crease and slightly above using the same brush. I've used the shade Obsessed, a deep chocolate brown with light shimmer. Don't take a lot of it coz then it will be difficult to blend. You only want to show a hint of the color. Using the fluffy brush now blend it well so that there are no harsh lines.
4. Line your eyes with an eye liner or you can also use kohl or eye pencil. I used Maybelline's Hypersharp liner to line the upper lids.
5. Apply kajal on the waterline
6. Apply two coats of your favorite mascara
7. That's it. You are done!

Isn't it really simple? Perfect for eye makeup beginners and those going in for a fuss-free everyday makeup look.

Do let me know what you think of it. Will be waiting to know :)

Till next time..

Asta La Vista!
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