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Avon Ultra Color Rich Vitaluscious Lipstick in Reviving Red - Review, Swatches

Sometime back I was invited by Avon to attend the launch of their new range of Ultra Color Rich Vitaluscious Lipsticks in Kolkata. Along with the launch, Avon also introduced Neha Khanna, the new Creative Color Director who spoke about these lipsticks and also performed a makeover on one of the models. I was given a sample to try and most of you must have seen the picture on my Facebook page. I've been using the lipstick for some time now but refrained from putting up the review since it was still not out for sale. Now that Avon has officially launched these lipsticks in their newest catalog, here I am to share my thoughts on the new Ultra Color Rich Vitaluscious Lipstick in the shade Reviving Red. 

Product Details:

Quantity - 3.8g
Price - Rs 339 (Priced at Rs 249 in March)

The Vitaluscious lipsticks are available in six shades that are perfectly suited for the Indian skin tone. This is what Avon has to say about this range:

  • Enriched with Vitamins B, C and E MoistureSpheres
  • Provides hydration, softness and protection like a lip balm
  • Contains nourishing oils like almond, jojoba and lavender
  • Has SPF 15

The look of the lipstick is the same as that of the Color Rich range, a shiny black lipstick case with a silver band in the middle. The only addition is that vitaluscious is printed on the lower half of the case. Now, I'm not a big fan of scented lipsticks and find most of them to be too strong for my liking. But I absolutely love the fruity bubblegummy smell of this one. It's not too strong to attack your olfactory nerves but subtle enough to tease them into craving for something sweet. Many a times, I've found myself reaching out for this lipstick in my drawer just to smell it!. 

Coming to the color, it's a lovely red, not a true red but one with a bit of plum in it. During the day, the color looks red but in the evening specially if there's a lot of light and flash, you can make out the plum. No worries on whether the color would suit particular skin tones or not coz this will look good on everyone. From those who are afraid of wearing a true red on their lips to red lipstick fans, this will be loved by all! Neha Khanna had said that the rich moisture of the lipstick makes the color even richer and I totally vouch for that. The lipstick is extremely pigmented and rich and one swipe is enough to give full coverage and hide lip pigmentation. 

The lipstick applies very well. It just glides on to the lips and you can immediately feel how moisturising this is. The texture is soft and creamy and is a delight to wear. Neither do you need a lip balm nor a lip gloss when you wearing this because it does the work of a balm and looks as shiny as a gloss. It really makes the lips look luscious, shiny and healthy and I love it. The shine however does not stay for long though. It starts to fade away after about an hour of applying but the creaminess is still very much there. 

I've been using this lipstick for quite a while now and I love how it keeps my lips hydrated and soft. And not just while it's on my lips but even after. Because of its creamy texture, there is a problem with transfer though. You will be leaving stains on whatever your lips touches so the best bet is to either layer the color with translucent powder or fill your lips with a lip liner first to create a barrier around the lipstick. It's also not a  long lasting lipstick and the max wear that I can get out of it is 3 hours. No issues with bleeding thankfully.

To sum up, here's what I love about Reviving Red:
  • Gives rich intense color
  • Keeps lips moisturised as its packed with nutrients
  • Makes my lips look luscious and healthy
  • One product does the work of both a lip balm and a gloss
  • Has SPF 
  • Affordable 
  • Shade will look good on all skin tones

What I don't like:
  • Glossy finish fades after about an hour of aplication
  • Transfers
  • Does not last for a long time 

Reviving Red is a beautiful shade that one can wear during the day as well as the night. It is packed with rich color and the healthy ingredients work to give me lips that are really "Pout Pretty". Will specially recommend it to all of you with dry lips and even if you don't fall in that category, this is worth trying. If the transfer & short wear time is not an issue, get one for yourself.

P.S - Sample provided by Brand P.R. Review 100% mine. 

Swatches of some more Vitaluscious lipsticks

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