Monday, 4 February 2013

MAC Marilyn Monroe Love Goddess Lipstick - Review, Swatches

By now all of you who read the blog must have known about my intense love for red lipsticks. Those who don't, I'm saying it again. I'm truly madly deeply in love with red! No other color can even come close to red when it comes to lipsticks. For red lovers, one MAC collection that was eagerly awaited was the Marilyn Monroe one. Ever since I heard about it last year, I've been waiting rather impatiently to get my hands on the gorgeous lipsticks. The problem was that there are a number of red lovers in Kolkata like me and MAC only launched very few pieces of the entire collection. Thankfully, the SA was sweet enough to book the two that were still in stock - Love Goddess and Scarlet Ibis. Let's talk about Love Goddess today :)

I love the packaging of the Marilyn Monroe lipsticks. It's glossy with an exclusive print of the diva on the outer cover as well as on the lipstick. The print might not be a famous one but I like that MAC went with something exclusive rather than a pic that one has seen a million times. 

Love Goddess is a bright fuchsia pink red lipstick with which I'm completely smitten. The color is so pretty! It has more pink than red and a shade that instantly brightens up the face. For someone who is apprehensive of wearing red, this color is an apt one. It is a satin formula therefore much less drying than the matte ones but packs in enough punch to last a very long time. The pigmentation and color payoff is super. It's quite opaque and one swipe is enough to cover any sort of pigmentation on the lips. I also love the sheen that the satin lipsticks give on the lips making them look so luscious and pouty. It lasts on me for nearly five hours and leaves a healthy pinky red stain on fading. 

I'm absolutely in love with Love Goddess and if you manage to find it at your MAC store, go and grab this shade. You will love it! Its priced a bit more than the usual MAC lipsticks though because of the packaging. While the usual ones cost Rs 990, the Marilyn collection lipsticks are priced at Rs 1050.

Have you bought anything from the Marilyn Monroe collection?
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