Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Nature's Co Peach Lip Butter - Review

Like a lot of you, even I'm a lip balm junkie. I have lip balms stacked everywhere - in my dresser, handbags, office drawer and anything new that comes out, I have to buy it. Thankfully, I didn't have to buy the new Lip Butters from The Nature's Co because I was lucky to get the Peach Lip Butter as a review sample.

The Lip Butters have been launched recently by The Nature's Co as part of the Winter new launches and are priced at Rs 275 each. Containing Peach and Shea butter extract along with other natural ingredients like Mango seed butter, Kokum seed butter, they help to keep lips delicious, soft and pink.

I love the Peach Lip Butter firstly because it smells delicious. It really smells of peaches and not an artificial plasticky smell. The other reason is that it gives a nice glossy shine to the lips on applying. Just wish the shine stayed on for some time though. It absorbs way too fast. The lip butter is also not sticky and feels completely weightless on the lips which is another plus point.  But the major reason why I love it is because it does it's job of a lip balm really well. I've been using it regularly throughout the winter and have not faced a problem with dry lips. All the wonderful ingredients really act to keep my lips well nourished and hydrated.

Even though the ingredients are all wonderful, the problem with these is that they solidify in winter making it very difficult to dispense the product. Unfortunately, I applied a bit more pressure and the outer packaging split leaving me with lip balm all over my hand. So now instead of using the applicator, I have to use my fingers to apply the balm and that's not something I like doing. So word of caution, do not apply a lot of force if the product solidifies. 

Apart from this con, the product is absolutely lovely. At 275 it is more expensive than regular lip balms, but if you are looking for a balm with natural products that does its job well, give this a try.

Have you tried any of The Nature's Co Lip Butters?

P.S - Sample sent by brand P.R. Review 100% mine.
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