Friday, 4 January 2013

For the love of Jewelry! - Latest Haul

Apart from makeup, one of my other weaknesses is jewelry and with the influx of some awesome online stores that offer amazing statement jewelry, I've been pursuing this passion of mine with a vengeance. My mum keeps complaining that with all the money I've spent on costume and silver jewelry, I could have easily bought some gold (ahh mums!) that will add some value. But then I've never been fond of gold and when there are so many cheaper options available, why spend so much on the real thing right??

Those of you who follow the blog must know of my love for Faballey. I absolutely love their collection and the best part is that they always have discounts going on. Another store that I've recently discovered is Pipa & Bella. Gorgeous collection and great concept of shopping as well. I've been collecting some stuff from these stores in December and wanted to share them with you.

Statement Necklace from Faballey (Rs 619)

Moustache Cuff from Faballey (Rs 250)

Tiered Silver Bracelet (Rs 428) and Pleated Cord Bracelet (Rs 428) from Faballey

Bubble Cuff (Rs 700) from Pipa & Bella

Which one did you like the most? 

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