Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Nature's Co Chocolate Creme Body Wash - Review

If I ask you what's your most favorite fragrance, some of you will say something floral, some of you will say something fruity or musky. Want to know mine? Its the smell of a freshly baked dark chocolate cake or cookies with a little bit of vanilla. Wish I could smell of chocolate all the time! Unfortunately, since chocolate perfumes are not really available, my next best option is to scout the market for bath and body products with this divine ingredient. Now that you know how crazy I am for this smell, you can well imagine how excited I was to try out the new  Chocolate Creme Body Wash from The Nature's Co. 

Here's what TNC has to say about the product :

Indulge in our yummy Chocolate Creamy Body wash. Chocolate has emollient properties that improve the appearance of the skin by making it soft and silky. It has excellent anti-aging, anti oxidative properties, which works wonders on your skin, reducing free radicals making it soft, younger and nourished. While its healing and rejuvenating properties heals and calm irritated skin. The cleansing body wash lathers up in the bath or shower.

Here's what I think of it. First lets talk about what I love:
  • Fuss-free, sturdy and simple packaging. The flip-top cap makes it travel friendly
  • The smell obviously. It's very similar to that of plain chocolate icecream. Nothing very rich or intense, but a nice milky chocolatey smell 
  • Natural ingredients
  • Cruelty free
  • Medium creamy consistency. Not too thick or runny
  • Lathers well enough and washes off pretty easily leaving the skin squeaky clean
  • Does not dry out skin therefore perfect for dry skin beauties and for the winter. And it keeps the skin moisturized for a long term.
What I don't like :
  • The smell does not last for long. While showering, you will love the delicious aroma all around but once you are out of the shower, it's more or less gone. Wish it lasted for at least a couple of hours!
  • Expensive for a body wash. Its priced at Rs 925 for 250 ml 
Being a chocoholic, must admit that I'm a bit disappointed by the smell. Had expected it to be more rich and intense, kind of like a Bournville but it turned out to be a plain chocolate ice cream. It's still very yummy but I was hoping for more.The biggest plus point of this body wash is its effect on my skin. I don't even need to slather on body lotion after a shower. It keeps my skin that moisturized! 

The price is a deterrent but if you are looking for a cream body wash to beat the winter dry skin woes, try this out. I'm sure you will love it!

Product sent by brand. Review is 100% mine.

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