Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mini Revlon and VOV Haul - Photos

Hiya Pretties

Hows this week treating you? I'm off from work for two days and really enjoying myself. Today me and my mom went to New Market, which is by far the best place for shopping in Kol. The place has been around for nearly a hundred years now and there's nothing that you will not find in New Market. Beats any mall hands down!

I basically accompanied my mom who had to buy some stuff but how could I leave without getting anything for myself? While checking out window displays, I came across tubs of the new Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in a cosmetics store and I immediately went inside to find out more. The SA said that the products were launched only an hour and a half back and they did not even have testers yet. She was however sweet enough to let me try from a fresh piece and I was very impressed by the texture. It went on so smooth and light! Also, it claims to last 24 hrs (not sure why anyone would want their foundation to last 24 hrs though!). I picked up the shade Warm Golden. These are priced at Rs 800 and there is 23.7 ml of product. The packaging is very Chanel-esque and looks quite high-end but my god its heavy!. I'll be trying it out tomorrow so watch out for the review soon.

Along with the Revlon Creme Makeup, I also picked up two eye shadows from VOV. One, a shimmery dark olive and the other a dark brown with a bit of glitter. Really pretty colors and the price is only Rs 125 each! Watch out for reviews of those as well.

Here are the pictures..

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