Wednesday, 12 December 2012

How to Curl Hair with a Flat Iron - A Step by Step Tutorial and a Video by Tej

When it comes to styling my hair, I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I'm terrible at it. There are only three ways that I know of managing my hair - keep it open, tie it in a basic ponytail or straighten with a flat iron. Lately, I've been very enamored with curls and been wanting to try them out on my hair but had no clue on how to do it. So I reached out to our dear friend Tej, an expert at hair styling to help me out. She being a sweetheart agreed to not only show me but also all of you how to curl hair at home using a flat iron (straightener). The below tutorial has been written by Tej and there is also a video at the end to explain the process better.

Using a flat iron to curl hair is my favorite way of getting lovely, bouncy curls as it takes a lot less time than using a hair curler and its also much easier. Here's a quick tutorial on how I do it.  The most essential requirement is to first get a straightener that is suitable for curling. It should be a slim one with round edges. I use GHD IV styler hair straightener which costs £99. You can use any brand. 

Things Required: Heat Protector Spray, Straightener, Hair Spray.

Tutorial :

1. Wash hair and make sure its absolutely dry before using the straightener. Also, brush hair to ensure there are no tangles.

2. Use a heat protector spray on your hair before starting out.

3. Flat iron curls works best on clean and smooth hair so I always prefer to first straighten my hair before curling.

4. Make small sections of your hair about the same size like the one that I have done.

5. Place the flat iron in the middle of the hair as shown in the 1st pic. Then pull the straightener towards your face like I've shown in the 2nd pic and then twist it away from your face as shown in the 3rd pic. 

6. Slide the flat iron slowly downwards until it reaches the ends. The hair needs to be quite hot so make sure you give enough time while doing each section. While sliding hold the hair tightly.

7. Once you are done, the hair looks like this. See how bouncy these curls are! If your hair is only curled at the end of the strand, then hold the flat iron longer on top .

8. The last step is to apply hair spray to hold the curls for a longer time. I have used Pantene Pro V Style that offers flexible and strong hold control and lasts all day. I also use Tresemme hair spray sometimes that offer instant hold and long-lasting natural feeling and dries quickly to lock in the curls.

Here is also a small video that shows you the basic steps of curling hair with a flat iron. 

Hope you liked my tutorial. If you try it out, please share the pictures with me. I would love to see them. Your comments/suggestions are most welcome.

Loved the tutorial Tej. You have put in a lot of effort to show the steps in detail and I can't thank you enough for it. I'm definitely trying this out. 

What do you think girls? Have you ever tried curling your hair with a flat iron?

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