Monday, 19 November 2012

Avon Naturals Coconut Moisturising Body Smoothie - Review, Photos

As I have mentioned earlier, Avon is one of my favorite makeup and skincare brands because their products really suit me and they don't burn a hole in my pockets thankfully!. Most of my shower gels and lotions are from Avon and I specially love the Naturals range for their cute packaging and delicious smells. I recently got the Avon Naturals Coconut Moisturising Body Smoothie as a gift and it's quite a nifty little product. Meant to be used both as a body wash and a shampoo, the first thing that attracted me was the packaging. The thing looks so cute! Dunno if anyone of you have ever been to Keventers in Darjeeling but if you ever land up in Darjeeling, a trip to Keventers is a must for its delicious hot dogs, sandwiches, pastries and yummyy chocolate shake!. Wondering whats the similarity between Keventers and an Avon bottle?? Well, this bottle looks very similar to the glass bottle in which chocolate milk shake is served at Keventers :)..I last went there about 7 yrs back so no idea if those milk shake bottles still exist but somehow was transported to those days after looking at the Coconut smoothie.

Getting back to the review, this is what the product claims to do -  As a body wash, leaves skin feeling soothed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Continual daily use reconditions and softens skin. As a shampoo, conditions hair from root to tip, detangles and helps eliminate flyaways, leaving hair healthy looking, soft and shiny. The bottle has a flip-top cap and a small opening to dispense the product. Apart from the cute packaging, the other thing that you will notice and love is the fragrance. The coconut smell is so delicious! Like the smell you get when you mix coconut and cream together. 

The texture of the product is of medium consistency. Not too thick and not too runny. As a body wash, it lathers pretty well and I love that my shower smells of coconut when I use this. Unfortunately, the smell vanishes pretty fast and does not even last an hour on my skin. They rinse pretty well and what i like is that after using it, my skin does feel soft and smooth even in this weather. I can skip applying a lotion and my skin does not feel tight or dry. 

As a shampoo, I need to use considerably more product and the lather is not as foamy, which is something I don't like and this will be a problem for those with oily hair. The coconut smell on my hair lasts slightly longer than it does on my skin and I'm quite surprised at how well this worked on my hair. I have normal hair and honestly, never expected it to leave my hair so clean and shiny. There were no tangles or even hair fall. For oily hair, it might not work that well though.

The price of the product is Rs 199 as mentioned on the bottle but I'm sure there will be some offers going on where you can buy at a lesser price. This is quite a handy product, perfect for travelling for its size and convenience of combining a body wash and shampoo into one. It works for me and you can give it a try too. Even if it does not work for your hair, you will love it as a body wash.

 Have you tried any of the Avon smoothies?

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