Friday, 19 October 2012

The Style Evolution of Kajol!

Have you noticed a change in Kajol's appearance lately? Dunno who her stylist is but she sure is doing a good job in making her over. Gone are the frumpy clothes, unkempt hair, geeky glasses and blingy Manish Malhotra saris. The new Kajol bares cleavage, shows skin and mixes it up with sexy gowns, classy saris as well as some edgy clothes. And she wears makeup too! Not that her choices work all the time but at least she is trying something different and kudos to her for that.

Take a look at the new & improved Kajol..

The Yays!

The Ones That Did Not Work! 

What do you think about Kajol's makeover? Like her new avatar or the earlier one?

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