Friday, 29 June 2012

I Want To Feature You on My Blog!

Hey Pretties

Apart from a being a beauty and makeup maniac, I am also a huge fashion junkie. One of my fav pastimes is to browse through beauty and fashion magazines/websites and I can do this for hours on end!!

On my blog, I want to start a new section where I want to feature you. I want to know what you love...What is your fav outfit? Your fav accessory? Your fav piece of jewelry? Love that shoe? Share with me and other readers as well. Let us all drool together :))))

If you are interested, please send me an email with your pics and some info about yourself and the product to I would love to put it up. Everyone is welcome.Indians, Non-Indians, young, discrimination at all!

Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation...Don't disappoint me please pretties :)..Give a new blogger some encouragement :P..

If you are a blogger, Ill provide the link to your blog. If not, well Ill give you the opportunity to show off :P

To start off, here's me sharing my current fav earring..its a silver filigree with pearl drops that I picked up from Tashkent. Like?



P.S - Lets share some of our mutual love by following each other? What say?
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