Saturday, 1 June 2013

L'Oreal Professionel Mythic Oil Rich Oil - Review

About a month and a half back when I went to my salon for a session of hair pampering, the therapist suggested that I do a L'oreal Mythic Oil treatment to give some relief to my dry tresses. Ever ready to try out something new I agreed and was transported to a world of hair pampering bliss for an hour. I really liked how soft, shiny and manageable my hair looked after the Mythic Oil treatment and since I was looking to buy a serum, decided to give the Rich Oil in the Mythic Oil range a shot. 

The oil is called a 'Controlling' oil for unruly hair. Never heard that term being used for an oil, but in short what it does is that it reduces frizz and tames hair to make it more manageable. Here's what L'Oreal has to say about the Rich oil. Rich Oil is a perfect blend of two essential oils – Rice bran oil and Argan oil. While rice bran oil is known for its intensely moisturizing and regenerative properties, argan oil is known for deeply nourishing and disciplining properties. Together they are mixed in a rich, wrapping texture, which provides rebellious tresses with deep nourishment, anti-frizz protection and makes them soft, smooth, shiny and effortlessly detangled. Rich Oil can be used as both a construction and a finishing product. My therapist told me that this oil can be used as a traditional oil, that is massaged into the scalp and then washed off, as a serum to be applied after washing hair and as a styling product to be used before or after blow drying. Till date, I've only been using it as a serum so that's what Ill talk about.

The oil is inside a gold tinted plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The bottle has an exotic look to it which is attractive and it has a sturdy cap, so no tension of spillage if you are taking this while travelling. The oil has a warm amber fragrance which is very pleasant. The dispenser is easy to control so no fear of accidentally getting a lot of product on your hands. 

Now there is a way of using the oil. What I do is I take the product in my hands (about a couple of pumps), rub my palms to warm it up and then start applying it first to the ends of the hair and then slowly move upward. I don't apply it to the scalp but only to the hair and then comb it through. The texture of the oil is incredibly light so it gets absorbed within seconds. The hair neither feels oily nor weighed down. I just let my hair airdry after applying the oil and within some time it gets smooth, silky and manageable . Surprisingly, my hair dries a lot faster after I've used this product!

The Rich Oil majorly targets taming unruly hair so if you are looking at this as the solution to treat dryness, you will not get the result you are looking for. In that way, I'm slightly disappointed coz I thought this would do wonders to my dry tresses and solve the problem considerably. I won't say that it does not. It does but not to the extent that I want. Another word of caution. It does not treat split ends, if that is another of your concern. What the oil does do well is that it makes hair more manageable by smoothing out frizz and it definitely looks more shiny and feels soft. Its great as a styling product as well. I've used it a couple of times before blowdrying and after and the results were good. 

I don't have oily hair so I don't know if it will make oily hair greasy. But since the oil is pretty light, don't think oily hair beauties will have any problem. I bought the Rich Oil from the salon at Rs 900 and this is a 125 ml bottle so I see this lasting me for another 3 months easily. This range also has a shampoo and a masque that you can try along with the Rich Oil to deeply nourish hair. I intend to buy those two too to see if it makes a difference to the dryness. If your main purpose is to use a styling product cum serum that tames frizz, the Mythic Oil Rich Oil can be a good choice. 

Have you tried anything from the Mythic Oil range?

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